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Maui Glass Tinting Specialists

Certified FormulaOneA� Dealer

Mauia��s longest operating window tinting complete film solutions provider, since 1985.

MauiA�A�Glass Tinting Specialists chooses the right window films to suit any circumstance. We take pride in educating our customers on the features and benefits of our available window films.

The automotive window films we use protect your vehicle, keep you cool, and improve your daily driving experience. We understand the importance of high quality window film products and have selected ForumulaOne LlumarA�as our automotive film of choice. We recognize that the precision techniques and skilled craftsmanship of our installations are also extremely important. Our installers are manufacture certified, and follow the stringent installation techniques to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Our Residential window films are specifically picked with comfort and energy savings in mind. Advances in clear ceramic and smart metalized window films gives home owners a lot to consider. Ceramic window films can block up to 98% of the suna��s infra-red heat, keeping you and your home cooler while preserving the natural look of your windows inside and out. Our no pressure, free consultations are an opportunity to review the window films we offer, hear about their benefits, and get an expert opinion on which film would be right for your home.

Capable of handling any project, our commercial window film division prides itself in doing amazing work from single unit offices to multi-story window film projects. We work closely with interior designers, architects, engineers, facility managers, and property owners. We inform all of our partners of all the energy saving potential and execute solutions.

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